Brand Testimonial: OJAS STUDIO

OJAS STUDIO is food and lifestyle brand dedicated to translating ancient rituals for the modern world. Their mindfully crafted date & grain bites are inspired Ayurveda which is described as a philosophical system for approaching one’s overall well-being. 

OJAS Studio recently worked with Sampler to learn more about their target audience through digital product sampling.

“From a marketing perspective, it’s been a fun challenge to try and find our target. We know certain things that are likely within our target market like people that do a lot of yoga might be interested in Ayurveda, there’s also a strong Ayurveda community, but we’re really trying to learn a little bit more about who our target is.

So, working with someone like Sampler has been super helpful for us to drive some scaled awareness and get people to try the product because we know once they taste it they really like it; and then also gather data about people that are trying our product to help inform future marketing tactics to understand that maybe there are certain attributes that we didn’t think about before.

Another strong thing about using Sampler, for us, has been the ability to remarket. Because this has been a brand new brand for us, to be able to get people to try the product and be able to remarked to them to try and create engagement to get them involved with the brand has been very helpful.”

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