Direct to Consumer Product Sampling

Sampler helps brands of all sizes and categories deliver physical product samples to digitally targeted consumers.

Get your product into the right hands, every time

Sampler helps brands deliver millions of samples to happy consumers every year.

Every piece of your digital product sampling covered

Our turnkey solution helps brands like you gather consumer feedback and demographic insights that will increase successful trial and conversion rates.

Audience targeting

Whether you're looking to engage your current audience or tap into ours, Sampler helps you find and delight your target consumers.


We handle the shipment of your product samples to the home of your future consumers.

real time insights

Our analytics dashboard tracks your sampling program in real time, showing insights on demographics, lifestyle habits, ratings & reviews and so much more.


Every program comes with the option to include follow-up surveys and coupons so you can keep the conversation going.

You're in good company

Kind words from happy brands

"From a marketing perspective, it’s been a fun challenge to try and find our target audience. Working with someone like Sampler has been super helpful for us to drive scaled awareness, get people to try the product because we know once they taste it they really like it, and then also gather data about people that are trying our product to help inform future marketing tactics to understand that maybe there are certain attributes that we didn’t think about before."
"After doing a sampling program with Sampler, we found out things about our products that we didn't even know. All those insights are great for us to put back into the creative, put back into the marketing and kind of target those people more efficiently. Use these programs to really learn the why behind why people are purchasing. Those insights help you inform the marketing and helps you target more efficiently and spend less on acquiring new customers."
"We’ve been working with Sampler for over a year and a half now and we’ve been acquiring very segmented emails, new CRM opt-ins, reviews, and of course, down the line, new purchases in brick and mortar and on eCommerce. We’ve been working with the Sampler team in Canada very efficiently to help us fulfill our samples within the US and Canadian markets and we’ve been syndicating reviews with our website which has been beneficial for everybody worldwide."

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