Streamlined Setup

We know you’ve got an entire marketing mix to execute, so leave the sampling to us. All you need is:

  • A product image and description
  • The number of samples being distributed
  • Your target consumer

From there, our technology can manage your product sampling program for you.

Audience Targeting

We’ve partnered with major publications and social networks across North America that cover major demographic targets to create the Sampler Audience Network. Through the Audience Network, brands can target users in specific target demographics such as:

  • Mom & Kids
  • College and Generation Z
  • Fashion & Beauty

Want even more targeting? Consumers will need to fill out a profile in order to get matched with samples. Our premium targeting option will allow you to ask consumers qualifying questions, or target based on age, gender and location.


The second your consumer claims a sample, our fulfillment team gets to work. Soon thereafter, your consumers will see their product samples magically appear in their mailbox.

Looking to ship directly to home? Our fulfillment warehouse can handle everything. Have a product that’s hard to ship? We’ll help you create a secure printed coupon redeemable in-store.

Live Analytics

Throughout your product sampling program, you’ll have access to our Analytics Dashboard, giving you real time data on the success of your sampling efforts.

Kick back and keep track of your stock or samples delivered while you start gathering insights on who is claiming your offers (including age, gender, location and interests).


The conversation doesn’t have to end there. Sampler makes it easy for you to touch base with your new customer using a follow-up survey and/or offer.

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