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There are two ways to work with us

We believe in the power of a sampling solution that can keep up with your ever changing needs.


Target your audience

Sampler’s Fully-Branded solution allows brands like you to skip the middle man and sample directly to your target audience. We’ll help you launch a sampling program directly from your website, so you can drive traffic to your site from any channel.


Target our audience

Using Sampler’s Co-Op solution, you can tap into the audiences of leading digital publishers. We’ll get your product into the hands of brand new consumers that match your target demographic at a predictable cost per sample.

Gather deep consumer insights 24/7

No matter which solution you choose, Sampler handles all of the tracking for you, so you can focus on the results

Our analytics dashboard has live real-time tracking, and displays insights on:

Lifestyle habits
Family insights
Ratings & Reviews
Conversion to purchase

After your sampling program, you’ll also receive a full campaign deep dive, identifying key insight and recommendations from our sampling experts.

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