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Kashi Gets Early Product Feedback For New Innovation


Kashi was interested in reaching millennial moms & health conscious consumers in their target metro-areas such as Chicago, Houston and San Francisco.

Since the brand already had media planned in the key areas, the team was looking for a sampling solution that could be aligned with current activations.


Using Sampler, Kashi was able reach women between ages 25-34 in their key cities. And since the team used a digital solution, they were able to see 80% of consumers had a child at home, and over-indexed on organic shoppers.

After trial, the targeted consumers shared their experience and recommendations on how to improve the bars. Giving Kashi real-time feedback that would have not been received otherwise. Sampler was able to further categorize trends in feedback to give the team the right tools for future product lines.

With targeted & measurable technology Sampler was able to pinpoint both the demographic & location of key consumers while timing sampling activations with local media.

Key Results

  • 70% of consumers are Likely or Very Likely to repurchase the product

  • 68% of consumers who tried a sample said they wouldn’t change anything about the product.

  • 83% of those who engaged with their product had a speciality diet (ie. Organic, Gluten-Free & GMO-Free)


“These were so good! I haven’t loved the Kashi bars in the past, so I’m glad I was able to try these since I probably wouldn’t have bought them. But now I will definitely be purchasing them!”


“I absolutely loved it. My husband made me buy more and he takes one everyday to work.”


“It would be nice to have larger boxes with more bars. I love variety packs of all kinds of bars so more variety packs from Kashi would be great.


“The Kashi Bar was delicious and flavorful. Recommendations to improve this product, is maybe more flavors and bigger boxes.. The Kashi Chewy Nut Butter Bar is ideal for all who are on the go. We as a family already purchased a box. However, we’re already finished.”