From Online to Offline: How to Build Direct-to-Consumer Relationships

Consumers may love the convenience of browsing and shopping online, but there’s something unique about being able to see, touch, and experience a product in person. Despite the drastic increase in e-commerce, today’s consumer isn’t quite ready to give up brick-and-mortar any time soon, with more than 85% of shoppers saying they still want to “touch and feel” items before buying them.

So, how do brands build strong relationships with today’s hyper-connected consumer—both online and offline? In this 60 minute webinar, we take a look at why it’s no longer an online versus offline scenario, and why these two worlds can co-exist to create lasting direct to consumer relationships. We cover the distinct advantages of both offline and online marketing activities and explore ways to establish an effective omni-channel presence.

Learn how to stay connected with your consumers throughout their entire journey and create personalized experiences both online and offline. 

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