Client Success Story: NôMI

NôMI, a sparkling water brand, worked with Sampler to reach their target audience through our digital product sampling platform. By leveraging Sampler, NôMI was able to distribute full-sized products to two targeted audiences and see which audience enjoyed their product more.

For any emerging brand, finding your target audience is super important. When it comes to product sampling, brands get the most value by delivering products to the hands of the right consumers.

Here were the key results from their sampling program:

53% of consumers who tried their product reported having high purchase intent post-trial. Using our data, we also found additional segments who greatly enjoyed NoMI’s sparkling water.

Consumers who shop at Whole Foods are 39% more likely to have high purchase intent, and 19% more likely to give 5-star ratings. Furthermore, consumers who buy groceries online are 34% more likely to rate the product 5 stars and consumers who lead a health conscious lifestyle are 23% more likely to rate the product 5 stars.

Consumers who sampled NoMI’s sparkling water were absolutely thrilled to receive a full-sized sample. The brand received a ton of positive reviews and social posts about their products and here are some of our faves.

Using Sampler, NoMI was not only able to distribute their product, but they were also able to gather insights on their target market and discover other segments that loved their product. See what Sampler can do for your brand today.”

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