Brand Testimonial: Love Good Fats

We met with Love Good Fats’ VP of Marketing, Rosemary Whaling at Expo East 2019 to talk about their experience with building brand awareness with Sampler.

“Hi, my name is Rosemary Whaling and I’m the VP of Marketing for Love Good Fats. So, we did a sampling program with Sampler as part of the NEXTY Consumer Choice Awards and worked with Sampler to get our bars into consumers mouths. But as we say here at Love Good Fats, we’re all about getting bars in bellies. We were thrilled to be able to partner with Sampler and the NEXTY Consumer Choice Awards in order to get those products into people’s hands.

So, we’re a new brand to the US market and so we are really about trying to build brand awareness and trying to get our brand in front of as many consumers as possible, but we want to get them in front of the right consumers not just everybody because our bar is targeted for people who believe in low-carb. We really like to sample in those kind of vehicles that allow us to target the consumer the best way possible.

One of the things that I found was really unique about Sampler was that we got an amazing number of emails out of the program, we had a really high often rate so that meant that you know consumers were liking our product and then we can then communicate with them. Then, we also got all their consumer reviews and that’s not something that you always get from a sampling program and all those were available to us and and they’re super valuable—you can’t put a number on it.

So, in terms of tips and tricks, I would say make sure you know who it is that you are really trying to sample to understand your consumer—you’re going to be much more efficient with your sampling if you actually get it into the hands of those people who are more likely to then go buy it.”

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