Brand Testimonial: Hippie Snacks

Hippie Snacks is all about producing better-for-you snacks using organic & non-GMO ingredients so you can feel good about what you eat.

By working with Sampler, snack brand Hippie Snacks was able to better understand their target audience within the US market.

“My name is Pauline and I’m the Marketing Specialist at Hippie Snacks. Hippie Snacks is a company based in Vancouver, Canada and we’re doing better for you snacks. We recently launched new products: Avocado Crisps and Cauliflower Crisps.

So, although we’re pretty much well implemented in Canada, we wanted to launch our product to the US market and for us it was really important to understand what our target customers would actually want from our products. So, targeting customers through Sampler program was a really easy way for you to understand better, like what our customers want from us and what they’re looking for in a healthy snack.

Sampling is important for Hippie Snacks because we’re trying to deliver the product that customers are looking for so by better understanding our customer and our target audience, we are able to deliver the right product to the right consumer. Thanks to Sampler, we managed to understand better who was our target audience in the US. Although the US and Canada are very close geographically, they are different markets so it was very interesting to understand like demographics, consumer habits of our target audience in the US.

So, some tips and tricks I would have for marketers who want to get started with Sampler’s program is do your research. You know there’s plenty of data out there that you can look into like your social media analytics, Google Analytics. Try to understand like who you’re trying to reach to and the Sampler team is always here to help you get started and get to understand what you’re trying to reach with this program.”

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