Brand Testimonial: BrainJuice

BrainJuice is an all-natural brain supplement shot that helps with focus, mental clarity, good mood, and motivation.

Through the NEXTY Consumer Choice Awards, BrainJuice  was able to find out more about their consumer through Sampler’s platform. Watch the full video to learn more.

“Hi, my name is Richard Robinson. I’m the Director of Marketing for BrainJuice. BrainJuice is an all-natural brain supplement shot that helps with focus, mental clarity, good mood, and motivation. We decided to work with Sampler because we had heard so much about you guys—I love what you guys do. I wanted to know more about the customer and I wanted to use those insights to help us launch our new active line. We had no idea who the customer was, we had no idea why they were buying it, why it was flying off the shelves so we wanted to know a little bit more about the why behind people purchasing our product.

After doing a sampling program with Sampler, we found out things about our products that we didn’t even know. People obviously love the taste—we thought that was going to be a barrier to people actually trying the product but they actually loved the taste! We got a lot of five-star ratings, we got a lot of feedback and people opted-in to getting more information about the product. We had a lot of people using it for workouts, a lot of people using it for yoga—really a lot of people using it for different things that we didn’t know about the product so all those insights are great for us to put back into the creative, put back into the marketing and kind of target those people more efficiently. 

So, some tips and tricks that I would recommend for marketers looking to be targeted sampling is to find out more about your customer. Use these programs to really learn the why behind people are purchasing. You want to know the purchase intent, you want to know when they’re using your product and who’s using your product. What age group and so forth, what demographic and what part of the country. Those insights help you inform the marketing and helps you target more efficiently and spend less on acquiring new customers.”

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