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Sampler Joins the 500 Startups Family

It’s official Sampler has become one of the newest members of the 500 Startups family! With over 1500 companies across 50 countries, 500 Startups continues to invest in the world’s best up and coming companies. After an intensive 4 weeks in the DistroDojo program, a marketing bootcamp for 500 members, Sampler couldn’t be more thrilled to join the #500fam.

500 Startups

“Having such an intensive program lead by a diverse set of experts has been invaluable,” says Raymond Sam, Sampler’s Growth Director, “we’ve come out of the dojo with a huge list of ideas to test and the processes in place to properly execute on them.”

Throughout the DistroDojo, Sampler had the opportunity to attend workshops and receive one-on-one mentorship from top industry gurus. The program included 5 other incredible startups, which all worked together to help each company reach their goals. With topics spanning from analytics optimization to PR hacks, this well-rounded crash course was just what Sampler needed.

Sampler’s founder, Marie Chevrier, says, “the DistroDojo program could not have come at a better time for us. As we’re quickly approaching our third anniversary, our focus is on building scalable processes that will help us grow quicker and stronger.”

With the in-class portion complete, Sampler is looking forward to the remote component of the DistroDojo program and a lasting partnership with the 500 Fam!