What this new "stay-at-home" landscape means for brands.

What is ComeTogetherTO?

What is ComeTogetherTO? We once heard that the best thing to do in difficult times is to leverage your own unique superpower to give back to your community. This struck a chord with us. So we asked ourselves, what’s Sampler’s

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Use coupon code ComeTogetherTO on any of the below brands to receive a special discount for your support. Support local brands and receive a discount as a thank you! BEVERAGE Bad Dad Tea 10%-OFF orders over $20 Offer excludes tea

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Working from Home

Tips for working from home

Tips for working from home As a team, we are extremely grateful to be able to work from home during this time. Working remotely once a week was already a part of our team’s weekly schedule but now that we’ve

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From Online to Offline Webinar

Here’s how Sampler works in 4 easy steps

How Sampler Works https://youtu.be/jSVvgSecmsM Hey! I’m Kelly from Sampler.  Here at Sampler, we help you experience products from the comfort of your own home (you literally don’t have to leave your house). Using Sampler, you can try new samples —

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