Generation Active by ZOOM Media Partners with Sampler

Generation Active by ZOOM Media Partners with Sampler



NEW YORK and TORONTO, March 22nd, 2018 – On March 20th, wellness media giant ZOOM Media and product sampling technology Sampler announced their new partnership. Working in tandem, Sampler and ZOOM Media’s Generation Active will help brands digitally target and physically distribute product samples into the right hands.

Created by ZOOM Media, Generation Active is a community and movement that puts health and fitness first, representing over 100 Million Americans that refuse to be defined by when they were born. They instead demand to be defined by what they do, which includes following a regular exercise routine.

Sampler’s management and analytics platform has helped brand powerhouses like L’Oreal and Mondelez distribute free samples to their target audience. By partnering with major online publishers, Sampler has made it easy for brands to tap into millions of consumers seamlessly.

Generation Active is only the newest of Sampler’s many high-traffic online publication partners. Working with the likes of Greatist,, and many others, Sampler has created a turnkey way for brands to find and distribute product to their audience, with the ability to target consumers by age, gender, location, interests or retailer. Handling everything from fulfillment to remarketing, Sampler has set out to streamline the entire product sampling process.

“The zoom partnership is an amazing extension to Sampler’s network. Health-minded brands are now able to reach consumers during their daily fitness routine, deliver a product sample to their homes within a few weeks, and gather product feedback in ways that they never could via traditional sampling methods” says Sampler’s founder Marie Chevrier.

The most unique aspect of Sampler’s new partnership with Generation Active is the option of hybrid sampling. ZOOM Media not only has a digital media network, but they also have 4,400 health club locations across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. This opens up the opportunity for brands to tap into both in-venue and digital sampling, further expanding their product’s reach.

With a self-serve launch just around the corner, Sampler is excited to get to work with another quality media partner.



Kelly is the Director of Marketing at Sampler. With a background in advertising and content strategy, Kelly often shares insights as a contributed writer on the Sampler blog.