Frequently asked questions

We’ve gone ahead and answered some of your most burning questions, we hope this helps!

New Samplers

Just click Start Sampling above and create your Sampler account. We’ll ask you a few questions and if there are free samples that match your profile, they’re yours!

No! All of these samples are delivered to you completely free of charge. 

Absolutely! Over the last 6 years, Sampler has given out millions of free samples on behalf of some of the world’s greatest brands.

You can claim a sample box once every 30 days.

Yes, to claim samples you will need a valid mobile phone number as our verification numbers are sent via SMS. This is an essential part of our security to authenticate Sampler accounts.

If you tried entering a number that is already linked to an account, this means that a Sampler account has already been created with that mobile number. You may have registered with this number and a different email address before.

Seasoned Samplers

Samples can take up to 3 weeks to ship. If you have not gotten your sample yet, don’t worry, it’s on its way.

This varies from program to program. Usually you can claim a sample box once every 7 days. We do this to make sure there is enough to go around for everyone!

We’re sorry about that. The brands we work with reserve their samples for certain profiles depending on their question responses. But don’t worry, we have new samples coming in each month so login and try again any time!

Go to your Profile page and click Edit beside your current phone number.

You can unsubscribe from Sampler generated emails and SMS messages through your subscriptions. Go to your Profile page and click on the Subscriptions tab, then uncheck what you would like to opt out of.

You will have the option to update your address the next time you claim samples.

As a security precaution, we suspend numbers for 30 days after being deleted from a Sampler account. During this time, the number cannot be added to any other Sampler account.