Unilever's Shopper Marketing Program Targets Hispanic Consumers


Unilever was looking to target Hispanic consumers who shop at Kroger and to recommend a deodorant that matched the key attributes the customer was looking for.


Sampler identified consumers who matched the criteria, and allowed them to select a sample customized around the product attribute that was most important to them. Samples were delivered direct to consumers’ homes, along with a follow-up coupon redeemable in Kroger stores. Sampler sent a follow-up survey to consumers 3 weeks after their sample was delivered, making it seamless for the Leading Deodorant Brand to gather ratings & reviews.

Key insights:

  • Targeting: 100% of samples delivered to the bullseye target (Hispanic Kroger shoppers) 
  • Ratings & Reviews: 10X MORE than the average conversion of a post-purchase survey.
  • CRM: 65% opt-in to Unilever CRM database.

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