o.b. Tampons Uses Digital Sampling to Amplify Influencer Marketing


o.b. Tampons is a trusted brand with a strong cult following for their applicator-free line of tampons. Driven by a “Less Waste” motto, o.b. was looking to reach millennial audiences through social media advertising and influencers with a free product offer.


o.b. teamed up with Sampler to promote and distribute free samples. With a millennial target audience in mind, the brand was looking to zone in on tampon users that are new to o.b.’s non-applicator product.

With the launch of social media ads and influencer video segments in tandem to promote the free product offer, o.b. was looking to Sampler’s technology to help them gather product feedback and sentiments from trial users on their experience.

Key Results:

  • Net-new Consumers: 64% had never tried o.b. previous to trial.
  • 82% are likely or very likely to recommend to a friend.
  • 55% of Samplers converted to the brand’s CRM.
  • 45% participated in a follow-up survey.
  • 39% have converted to a purchase since trial.

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