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Mondelez & Target Team Up to Promote Teddy Soft Bakes


Mondelez was looking to create buzz and demand for the launch of Teddy Soft Bakes within Target stores last March.


Mondelez & Target teamed up together on a joint customer acquisition strategy. For one week, a free sample opportunity was advertised on Target’s social media to promote the launch of Teddy Soft Bakes in retail stores.

The media targeted consumers who fit Teddy Soft Bakes’ target audience, and a call-to-action led them to a co-branded sampling experience powered by Sampler. Consumers were able to claim a free sample with just a few clicks while Sampler ensured that all profiles were being captured for a quick sample delivery and re-marketing purposes.

Key Results

  • 100% of  samples were delivered to Target shoppers within 3 weeks.

  • 60% converted to the Mondelez CRM.

  • 32% converted to a rating & review

  • 77%  showcased intent to purchase

With Sampler, Teddy Soft Bakes was able to surprise and delight their target audience while driving them to local Target retailers.