Leading Coffee Brand Leverages Product Sampling on Snapchat


A leading coffee brand was focussed on reaching niche new audiences via social media advertising. In order to boost the efficiency of their efforts, the brand was looking for a way to convert their media spend into CRM acquisitions.

Sampler Case Study: Coffee Brand


Using Sampler, the leading coffee brand distributed sachets of their product to Canadians between the ages of 18-34. Sampler’s digital sampling solution offered the brand a seamless integration into their Snapchat media buy.

Key insights:

  • 7% of swipe-ups converted to claiming a sample
  • 48% of Samplers converted to brand’s CRM
  • 19% converted to a rating & review
  • 74% showcased intent to purchase
  • 18% converted to a purchase since

With these key insights in mind, this leading coffee brand can now understand how media spend can be optimized using digital sampling incentives.