Kimberly-Clark Launches New Direct to Consumer Brand


Kleenex launched their first strictly Direct To Consumer brand in Summer 2017.  With no retail partner, distributing product samples traditionally would generate very little return.


By leveraging Sampler’s network, Kleenex was able to reach, engage and incentivize brand new audiences. In less than 1 week, the brand was able to go to market targeting their target market 100% of the time.

Key insights:

  • 58% of Samplers converted to the Kimberly-Clark CRM
  • 24% of Samplers converted to a rating & review
  • 75% of Samplers showcased intent to purchase
  • 10% of of Samplers converted to a purchase since

Armed with product feedback and consumer insights, Kleenex was able to use this data to optimize their Direct To Consumer brand awareness efforts.