Three years ago, Marie had an idea that would change the product sampling space entirely. From her apartment, Marie began developing a way for brands to reach consumers and manage their product sampling efforts digitally.


Marie got a few friends to join the team, including Brittany, who is still a huge part of Sampler. Marie’s apartment was quickly outgrown as Sampler’s first office. Sampler then moved into the Ryerson DMZ, setting up camp with Canada’s leading technology startups.


As our journey to optimize the product sampling efforts of leading brands continued, our client roster began to grow. The Sampler family just kept getting bigger, and we had officially outgrown our office space.

Then we outgrew another one.


Sampler is now a family of 18 passionate team members with over 200 clients. When we’re not hard at work, you can find us playing Startup Trivia, competing in Selfie Scavenger Hunts and hosting Sampler Campfires.

At the end of the day, our team of product sampling experts dedicate their careers to doing one thing really well: helping you get your product into the right hands.

What is Digital Product Sampling

[dih-jih-tul praw-dukt sam-peh-ling]

A new marketing channel that brands can use to encourage consumers to buy a product—not to be confused with Traditional Product Sampling, where brands often hand out samples at random and lose touch with the person. Digital Product Sampling helps brands target consumers digitally and deliver physical product samples with detailed analytics.


We’ve generated some buzz in our time.



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