What is ComeTogetherTO?


We once heard that the best thing to do in difficult times is to leverage your own unique superpower to give back to your community. This struck a chord with us. So we asked ourselves, what’s Sampler’s superpower? Well, we help brands deliver sample boxes to people’s homes, so, this time around we decided to add a little something extra in the boxes to help the cause.

We partnered with a Canadian fabric company to bring at-home mask sewing kits to our Sampler users who have sewing superpowers. With these kits, we’ll be able to produce over 20,000 non-medical masks that members of our community in grocery stores, elder homes, and shelters can use while helping decrease the demand on limited supplies for our front-line medical workers.  

We’re also very aware of the impact that this crisis is having on the bedrock of our communities – our local businesses. So, we posted a list on social media with 10 of our favourite local brands with the hopes of supporting them during this crisis. Within minutes, the Toronto community stepped in and began listing their favourite local brands in the comments. Today, we’re so proud to have over 100 brands (and growing) on our consolidated list. Local brands need the community more now than ever and, together, we can all give them the recognition and support they deserve.

Click below to learn more about local brands and shop their products.
Let’s come together, Toronto!

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