Tips from Uber on navigating your business during COVID-19

Tips from Uber on navigating your business during COVID-19

What happens when you’re a company that moves the world and the world stops moving? Like many businesses around the world, Uber felt the dramatic impact of COVID-19 first-hand. SVP of Global Rides, Andrew Macdonald, recently joined our founder, Marie Chevrier, at TechTO-together Online to discuss the ways in which Uber is responding to the disruptions of COVID-19. Watch the full video to hear Andrew’s valuable advice on how other brands can navigate these tough times. We’ve rounded up five key takeaways from the talk for you below.

Bring the right group together

When Uber realized the magnitude of COVID-19, the company quickly called upon 50 of its leaders representing every single function of the business to develop an actionable strategy and align on a set of principles. These principles set the foundation that guided every decision moving forward from managing employees to dealing with the new daily problems that arose.

Act quickly

Andrew emphasizes the importance of quick decision-making in times of crisis, even if it means reanalyzing and adjusting strategies later on. In the face of change and uncertainty, Uber made rapid and frequent decisions with the information it had at hand to cope with the ever changing state of the crisis.

Lead with empathy

Many Uber riders were surprised to see a message on the platform discouraging them from making any non-essential trips amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Andrew notes that the message is part of the company’s decision to lead with honesty and transparency to limit the spread of the virus and ensure the health and safety of their drivers and customers.

Be there for your team

The effects of COVID-19 on the wellbeing of employees go far beyond the workplace. As fear and anxieties arise, employees are undoubtedly experiencing higher levels of stress and uncertainty in their professional as well as their personal lives. Andrew notes that creating a support system across the organization and supporting employees whether it’s through flexible work hours or encouraging time off is important to maintaining a healthy workforce amid uncertain times.

Use your superpower to help

Perhaps one of our favourite takeaways from this talk was Andrew’s call to brands to channel their superpower to support their communities. Whether it’s offering free rides, sewing masks, cooking meals, or making sanitizer, every company has a superpower they can use to give back during these difficult times.

These are undoubtedly challenging times for businesses worldwide. Whether you lead a small team of two or a large one of a thousand, we hope these actionable tips can help you weather the storm and emerge out of it stronger. 

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