Tips for working from home

As a team, we are extremely grateful to be able to work from home during this time. Working remotely once a week was already a part of our team’s weekly schedule but now that we’ve had to shift to strictly working from home, it’s definitely taking some adjustment.

This is why we decided to ask our Samplers (that’s you), on our social channels, what some of your tips and tricks are for working from home. You gave us a ton of great suggestions and we went ahead and picked our top 4 tips:

Create a schedule

“My number one tip is making a schedule for each day!” — @thehiddenharmony (Instagram)

Because your home is now also your workspace, it can be very easy to forget to set boundaries especially when it comes to time. Forgetting to have breakfast, working through lunch, getting carried away with a specific task — these are all things that can happen when you don’t have a schedule set for the day. Setting time slots for different to dos will not only help with efficiency, but it will also help with separating work and home.

Establish a workspace

“Keep a dedicated office space.” — @uroo_oz (Instagram)

We would be lying if we said that we’ve never sent emails while buried under a duvet, taken a Zoom call while sprawled out on our living room carpet (camera off, of course), or worked an entire day without leaving our couch. Now, we’re not saying any of these things are bad. We all have days that are tougher than others and sometimes, having a different working area is needed. However, now that most of us are strictly working remotely, having a dedicated space to work (like a desk or dining table) is important for focus and productivity. Consistently working on your bed, couch, or floor can lead to a ton of distractions so instead, use those areas as your break areas. Your back will also thank you.

Take breaks

Speaking of breaks, this tip was actually our most recommended one. With creating your daily schedule, it’s important to have time blocks for your breaks as well. When taking breaks, make it a habit to actually step away from your workspace to avoid working through it or worse, be tempted to skip your break altogether. Aside from eating your lunch, step out and get some fresh air (keeping social distancing in mind of course), do some stretches, meditate, watch a TV show — anything that takes your mind off work. Most importantly, make sure to take your breaks in their entirety to avoid burnout.

Be kind to yourself

Yes to productivity, but also a reminder to be kind to yourself.” — Kate Finn (Facebook)

This is a stressful and unprecedented time for all of us so don’t be so hard on yourself. This is going to take some getting used to so don’t be afraid to try different things until you find a schedule that works for you. Whether it’s rearranging your desk until it feels right, trying out different break times, having music on or off in the background — figure out what works best for you and take it one day at a time. 

We hope that some or even just one of these suggestions can help you with your new work from home routine. These are tips that our team members have implemented in their daily schedules and with some trial and error, we’re slowly figuring out what works for us. Also, a huge thank you to everyone that sent in their suggestions. We are so thankful for our Samplers and it’s such an encouragement to know that we’re all in this together.

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