How to beat the winter blues

How to beat the winter blues

We know how long, cold, and gloomy winter can be. The sun practically sets at what feels like 3 pm, you’re literally cold all the time, and getting out of bed in the morning seems like the most impossible task.

However, we also know that we can’t avoid the doom and gloom that winter brings. Sampler HQ is actually based out of Toronto, so even on a good year we only get about 2.5 solid months of summer. 😭So with the winter months upon us, we decided to put together our top 5 tips on how to beat the winter blues:

How to beat the winter blues

Get moving

We know how difficult it can be to feel motivated to workout during the winter, but many studies have shown that exercise is a great way to keep a positive attitude even on the coldest days. Take the stairs at work, dust off that yoga mat and do some stretches, or if you’re up for it, play your favourite song and start a dance party for one at home. Every little bit of exercise can help! 😊

Eat well

We’re the first to admit how hard it is to not want comfort food all winter long — the carb cravings are VERY real. However, recently, it’s been shown that there is definitely a link between food and mood. Eating more fruits, veggies, and lean proteins are both good for your physical and mental health and can definitely help with the winter slump. 

Get some sun

On days when the sun is actually out, it may help to go for a walk (bundled up, of course). Sunlight boosts your serotonin levels which helps with good mood and motivation. However, we also know that the sun being out in the winter can be misleading (looks like +5, but is actually -25). So, we suggest opening up those blinds and eating your bowl of oatmeal or doing your morning stretches right by your window. 

How to beat the winter blues

Book a staycation

There is nothing better than having something to look forward to especially when the winter feels SO long. What we recommend is taking a Friday or Monday off and having an extra long weekend. On top of that, go and watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see or book a spa appointment — you won’t regret it.

Stay social

No, not on social media. 😂 Spend time with those you love. We suggest having a spontaneous girls’ night in or taking your family out for brunch at your favourite spot. Spending time with friends and family and those who are also battling the blues alongside you is a great way to make it through the winter.

So, we hope some of the tips and tricks can help you beat the blues. We know some of them are easier said than done, but even starting with just one can help. Also, remember that you’re not doing this alone, so chin up, you got this!