Sampler’s Global Beauty Tour

With 2018 in full swing, Sampler is taking our digital sampling solution on tour to meet top beauty brands across the globe.

Currently working across 20 different countries, Sampler has partnered with a wide range of brand leaders within the beauty industry including powerhouses like L’Oréal and Unilever. Brittany Ugolini, Sampler’s lead Account Director for beauty, will be travelling to three major global beauty hubs to meet and collaborate with new partners. When asked what inspired the tour, she had this to say:

“This Beauty Tour could not come at a better time – Sampler has recently launched several international beauty sampling campaigns within the fragrance, cosmetic and skincare categories and we are so excited to continue the momentum in the industry. To date, we’ve worked in 20 different countries and I’m thrilled to be focusing on continuing to expand our borders.”

So, where exactly are we headed?

Arab Luxury World
United Arab Emirates

To start the tour, Sampler will attend Arab Luxury World from May 8th-9th–a conference that focuses on the business of luxury in the Middle East. This event brings together luxury brands, distributors, retailers and media to discuss upcoming trends within the luxury sector. We are thrilled to announce that Sampler has been selected as a finalist for their pitching competition, Global Startup Bootcamp, where we will be presenting our technology alongside competing finalists Riviter, Metix, and Talkin’ Things.

Founder’s Factory Portfolio Day
London, England

Next, we will be visiting our friends at Founder’s Factory, a London-based investor of Sampler. With affiliate partners like L’Oreal, Guardian, Aviva, CSC, easyJet and Holtzbrinck, Founder’s Factory is well connected to major players throughout Europe. While in London, Sampler will get the opportunity to meet 12 beauty brands looking to optimize their product sampling spend. After 3 years of partnerships with L’Oreal, we can’t wait to continue the collaboration and learn more about the L’Oreal family’s extensive roster of brands.

Paris, France

Our last stop on the tour is VivaTech in France, a conference that celebrates today’s innovations and tomorrow’s possibilities for startups and leaders. With over 68,000 visitors during last year’s conference, this year aims to build on that success as international startups, business leaders, investors, academics, students, and media from around the world descend on Paris for three packed days. We are so excited to be a part of this experience!

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