What California’s new privacy law means for brands

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Sampler Named Winner of Mondelez Shopper Futures

The news is out! Sampler was selected as one of 8 lucky startups set to collaborate with Mondelez as part of their Shopper Futures program. The program is a 90-day partnership between startups, retailers and brands aimed at building efficiencies within the shopper experience. “We’re thrilled to be working with

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5 Steps to a Successful Sampling Campaign

5 Steps to a Successful Sampling Campaign

Traditional sampling strategy has always prioritized quantity over quality. With this approach, marketers are left questioning if the end result will justify the cost of giving free product away. Despite popular belief, it’s through targeted sampling strategies that brands can experience the best results. When executed correctly, sampling is extremely

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3 Effective Halloween Marketing Strategies

With Halloween fast approaching, consumers and brands alike are getting into the spirit of the season. As a brand, it is vital to constantly be in tune with seasonalities, and to have a malleable marketing strategy that can be tailored to any holiday. By doing so, a brand can remain

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7 Ways to Improve Your Brand Voice

7 Ways To Improve Your Brand Voice

Every brand has a unique identity that sets them apart from their competitors. The manner in which a brand conveys their messaging to their audience is known as a brand voice. Looking to further advance the way you communicate with consumers? Below are a few of the main factors that

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