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The Effect of New Year’s Resolutions on Consumer Buying Behaviour

Kelly wrote this on October 31, 2016 • 1 read

Consumer buying patterns are often swayed by many contributing factors. Whether it’s the changing seasons or major holidays (like Christmas and Halloween), a wide range of factors come into play when studying consumer buying patterns. But what about New Year’s? How much are consumers a affected by the change in calendar and more specifically, how are their New Year’s Resolutions changing their buying patterns?

We set out to find out if New Year’s and New Year’s resolutions affect the buying habits of consumers who are the primary shoppers in their household. It is our hypothesis that consumers are more open to trying new products and/or brands immediately after New Year’s due to their recent commitment to New Year’s resolutions. We will be digging deeper into the types of goals and resolutions consumers make at New Year’s, how long they stick to them, and whether these goals have an effect on their buying behaviour.

This e-book shares our study findings, which may have significant meaning for consumer packaged goods companies currently building their Q1 2017 strategies.

The Effect of New Year's Resolutions on Consumer Buying Behaviour

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