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7 Brands That are Dominating Social Media

Kelly wrote this on June 22, 2016 • 5 minute read

Since we’re always working with brands and social media, we’re constantly on the lookout for awesome campaigns. Check out these 7 brands that are raising the bar in social media marketing.


Oreo is no stranger to generating killer content, but they just keep coming up with fresh ideas that resonate with their fans. During the 2013 Super Bowl game in New Orleans, Oreo’s marketing team was quick to react to the infamous power outage in the arena.



With their creative team on standby, Oreo topically tweeted a black-out related image with the tagline, You Can Still Dunk in the Dark.” From topical references to stunning visual plays, Oreo continues to earn their spot as one of the best brands on social media.


Coca-Cola is the master of making their social media cohesive with their overall marketing strategy. Knowing their target audience consists of young teens and adults, Coca-Cola’s strategy is all about creatively reaching their fans on multiple platforms at once. In a recent campaign to highlight New York Fashion Week, Coca-Cola published a series of short Instagram videos in their “Fashion through the decades campaign. The videos featured the iconic bottle getting dressed up in fashion trends from previous decades.

Old Spice

Back in 2010, Old Spice broke the internet with their The Man Your Man Could Smell Like campaign. The response was so positive that the brand decided to launch a follow-up Old Spice Response Campaign, where the iconic Old Spice Guy posted personal video responses to fans online.

The entire campaign quickly racked up over 65 million views, making it one of the most popular online interactive ad campaigns to date. Since then, the brand continues to publish playful, sarcastic content that resonates with their younger demographic, which continues to grow rapidly.


Being a toilet paper brand, Charmin knew the best approach to social media: humour. Charmin began embracing toilet humour with their #TweetFromTheSeat campaign, which encouraged fans to tweet while using the bathroom, and continue to poke fun at their product category.

By making their brand voice relatable and lightweight, Charmin’s social media strategy has gained them thousands of followers and plenty of notoriety.


Since the launch of their #LikeAGirl campaign, Always continues to promote female empowerment. The entire campaign revolved around turning a negative saying into a positive one.

Videos, tweets and photos have flooded the Always social channels of young girls discussing their personal fights against gender inequality. By tying themselves to an important cause, Always has catapulted themselves to being a brand that stands for so much more than just their product.


Much like the other contenders on this list, Pampers has managed to make their marketing about more than their product. Highlighting their many partnerships with charities, Pampers recently launched the #BetterForBaby campaign.

After posting touching videos on the brand’s YouTube channel, Pampers then called for their fans to follow their lead and, using the campaign hashtag, pledge their own promise to help babies.
Using the tagline “There’s nothing we wouldn’t do” throughout the campaign, Pampers has gained the trust of parents all over the world.


Pioneering the Real Beauty campaign in 2004, Dove began turning the beauty industry on its head by featuring real women with real stories. Using their social media to further expose the deep issues related to female body image, Dove launched their Beauty Sketches video on YouTube.

In the video, women are paired up with a sketch artist who cannot see what the women actually look like. These women are then asked to describe their facial features, and the artist draws accordingly. Once the sketch is complete, the artist then creates a second drawing this time listening to someone else describe the women.

In the end, the two sketches are compared and show just how flawed female self-perception is. In an industry full of unrealistic goal-setting for women, Dove has brought heart back into the beauty industry.

All of these campaigns have one thing in common understanding their audience and developing a tone to suit. Oreo knows it’s a fun snack, and have created a playful tone, while Pampers is playing on a parent’s love for their child.

Want to create a killer social media campaign? Do a little research into each of these strategies, apply the same out-of-the-box thinking to your brand’s content, and watch your audience grow.


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