The Rise of Targeted Product Sampling: Letter from Sampler CEO

Last month, the Sampler team headed to the Cosmoprof trade show in Las Vegas–an event focussed on showcasing the latest trends and product in beauty. With 36,000 attendees and over 1,200 exhibitors, Sampler got the chance to test the hottest brands across the globe.

Our biggest observation? Many of the newest trends are things you may have heard of before in other places, but might not have expected in your beauty routine. From cannabis skincare to butt masks (yes, you read that right), we’ve rounded up the top beauty trends that are taking the industry by storm:

Cannabis Skincare

Cannabis has come a long way since Woodstock–brands are now creating full skincare lines with the controversial active ingredient. Classified as the “sustainable wonder crop”, brands are using cannabis due to its eco-friendly, low-pesticide and vegan benefits. On top of the major points these brands are getting for supporting the environment, cannabis promises high moisture content and contains Omega 3 and fatty acids.

Beauty Supplements


Want longer hair and brighter skin? Look no further. Supplements have secured a spot in our beauty arsenals to keep us looking our best, and we’re definitely not alone. Brands have noticed the demand for supplements that boost the look of hair, skin and nails when taken daily. A beauty routine that requires little effort and gives us Rapunzel-like hair? Sounds good to us!

Bath Bombs


We know bath bombs are nothing new, but their decadent packaging is. This year, brands across the board have upped their aesthetic game and we are all for it. From Moroccan Mint Tea scented bath fizzers to cupcake bath bombs that look delicious enough to eat, we’ve got plenty of zen bath time in our future.

Beauty for the Active Consumer


Health and fitness-focussed lifestyles have become a major focus to keep us looking and feeling our best, so it’s no surprise that this trend is popping up in our beauty products too. Today’s culture is on-the-go, balancing everything from early morning workouts to evening bike rides, and brands are beginning to create products specifically made for active consumers. If this means it makes our post-workout/pre-work morning routines a little easier, sign us up.

Masks, Masks, and Oh, Did We Mention Masks?


Face masks have exploded in popularity over the past year, and there’s no sign of slowing down. From charcoal to tea tree oil, there’s no shortage of active ingredients we’re willing to slather on our face. With the trend becoming such a fan favourite, brands are looking to other places that could use a little TLC, including the booty.

Introducing the product you never knew you needed but are about fall in love with–the butt mask.

These little wonders offer all of the glowing, energizing, and rejuvenating benefits from a face mask except for your behind. This has to be one of the most interesting finds from the show, and it won the Cosmoprof title for most innovative new product. While we were a little skeptical at first, we’ve quickly realized this is going to be our new secret weapon to keep us looking beach ready.  

And there you have it–from the botanical to the bizarre, these are the hottest trends coming soon to every beauty store near you.