3 Effective Halloween Marketing Strategies

With Halloween fast approaching, consumers and brands alike are getting into the spirit of the season. As a brand, it is vital to constantly be in tune with seasonalities, and to have a malleable marketing strategy that can be tailored to any holiday. By doing so, a brand can remain up-to-date and topical in the minds of consumers.

Here are 3 tips on constructing an effective Halloween marketing strategy:

1. Spookify Your Product

If you’re looking to add a little spookiness to your brand, a great place to start is your product can the packaging or presentation be altered in any way to exemplify a Halloween look and feel? Rice Krispies executed this strategy in a very creative way; their website offered a list of Halloween-inspired recipes for fans to try. By making Rice Krispies a key ingredient in each recipe, they successfully adapted their product to fit this holiday.


2. Generate Ghoulish Content

3 Effective Halloween Marketing Strategies

Halloween is the perfect opportunity for your brand to get creative and implement social media marketing tactics. Whether it’s an image of your team wearing costumes or tips on carving the perfect pumpkin, feed your fans relevant content. Looking to engage your consumer even further? Incentivize fans to post themed photos of their own by offering a prize. Petco, a pet supplies store, held a Make a Scene Halloween contest; fans were asked to post photos of their pets dressed in a costume on Instagram for a chance to win $25,000.

3. Host a Haunting Event


Get in the spirit of the season by hosting a costume event. This is a great time to invite current or prospective consumers and strengthen these relationships while making it a fun experience. Encourage participation with sample giveaways and promotional offers that help to align your brand with the theme of the holiday. By doing this, consumers will get excited about your product and associate your brand with Halloween when shopping in-store. Brothers Cider, a drink brand, invited 500 guests to their Fear Factory event; a night filled with experiential zones and deliciously scary snacks.

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